Collection filters

How to configure collection filters with special tags

Our Collection filters option gives you more robust filtering for your products in comparison to the default Shopify tags. Either way, you may use both filtering modes on the collection pages, where the default Shopify tags can serve as your main product filter (think of it like child categories) and our collection filters can be used to give your users more advanced filtering options (e.g: filter by price: $50-$100)

Collection page it KS WatchShop theme

Through that Collection filters are enabled by default, in case you don't want to make use of them (e.g when you have only a few products), you may disable this setting from the Collection pages options in the Shopify Theme Customizer.

Collection filters work by assigning a special tag to your products. As an example from our KS WatchShop Premium Shopify Theme, here are some tags assigned to products.

  • size__Small

  • size__Large

  • brand__Michael Kors

  • color__Blue

  • price__$0 to $50

  • price__$50 to $100

As you can see from the examples above, collections filters require 2 underscore lines on the tag name which will separate the filter title from the filter value.

The filter title will appear automatically capitalized on your store.

You may use spaces on the filter values, e.g "brand__Michale Kors"

Custom Order

As default, the filtering values order is done alphabetically (A-Z), but in some cases, like for example when ordering by "Size" or "Price" you want a custom order. In these cases, you can name the tags in the following way:

  • size__01__Small

  • size__02__Medium

  • size__03__Large