How to install our Shopify Themes

From your Shopify admin go to "Online Store / Themes" and at the end of the page, upload the theme zip package you have downloaded from our website.

Upload the theme zip package from the button on the left

If your installation was successfully done, you should see the theme appear on your themes list as seen from the screenshot below.

You should see our theme appear on the the list as shown above

Click on the Customize button to open the Shopify theme editor, and start playing with the theme settings. Otherwise, if you are starting from scratch, click on the "Actions / Publish" theme to set it as your default theme.

For detailed help regarding various theme configurations please check the Config section

For a detailed guide on how to work and customize our theme with SASS and fully leveraging the power of the Bootstrap framework, and for a guide to work and edit Javascript files, please check out the Customization section.